Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Boehner on Debt: “Why Isn’t The President Looking for Someone’s ‘@$$ to Kick’ On This Subject?”

Republican Leader, my Congressman and a Great American -- John Boehner -- also known as the Right Knight of Congress:
“Look, we’re broke. We’re $13 trillion in debt, and 43 cents of every dollar the federal government spends this year we’re going to have to borrow and pass the bill on to our kids and grandkids. Last month, only 41,000 private-sector jobs were created in our country. As bad as things are, Democrats aren’t even going to move a budget.

“Now, every family knows that in difficult times it’s even more important to do a budget. And yet, Peter Orszag yesterday said, ‘well, we’re not going to send any budget cuts up to the Hill because nothing would happen to them.’ Well, I think it’s time for Democrats here on Capitol Hill to start listening to the American people. They want spending cut and they want it cut now. And I’m wondering, why isn’t the President looking for someone’s ‘a-- to kick’ on this subject?”