Thursday, July 08, 2010

Another Reason to Love Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona

First, she took the brave step of doing what a clear majority of her citizens wanted in signing immigration enforcement. Now, she is cracking down on welfare fraud! Thatababy! You go, girl! From KVOA:
overnor Jan Brewer and the Arizona Department of Economic Security set in motion a new anti-fraud unit effective July 1. The new DES Trafficking Detection Unit will ensure that people obtaining food stamps are not using these benefits illegally.

"We have an obligation to taxpayers," said Governor Brewer. "These benefits can only be used by people who are eligible and need help. The State of Arizona will not tolerate any abuse of government benefits. The Nutrition Assistance Program is a necessary part of the safety net, particularly in these difficult times, but these benefits must be used to purchase food. Anything else is illegal."

Her and Chris Christie are shining examples of fiscal conservatism in action, folks.