Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Excuses From BFA

My good friend Chad from BFA penned a long piece about the Strickland Endorsement Debacle.  Read the whole thing if you want to listen to the company line, but I just had to pull this bit out for specific scorn and ridicule:
We don't hold people's friends against them
This argument is best summed up by a telephone call we had with a GOP State Central Committee member:
GOP Central Committee member: "How can BFA support Strickland? The guy supports Obama, who wants to ban all guns! You're supporting the enemy of guns!"
BFA: "So we should pull support from an A+ rated candidate because he supports another candidate who is anti-gun? OK, after we do that, should we then move to pull support from all the GOP State Central Committee members who just voted to endorse Mike DeWine and Paul Pfeifer?"
GOP Central Committee member: "[silence]......[chuckling]"
There is no politician, anywhere, who would be immune from the swinging axe if this was a standard, and our volunteer endorsement committee frankly does not have the time or resources to cull over 400 surveys AND then check to see if those same people ever supported or donated to an anti-gun candidate. Besides, it still wouldn't change the steadfast support a candidate has given us over the years - only a vote against us will do that.
Let me field that question Chad...  Yes, you should pull support from SCC members who vote for Mike DeWine and Paul Pfieffer.  It is specifically because of these people that RINOs like DeWine and Pfieffer are allowed to continue having anything resembling a career in Republican politics.  
Thanks for addressing the appointing of judges in your piece, Chad...oh, wait, you failed to address that one altogether...  Appointments of judges are the single most important thing that will effect 2nd Amendment issues in this state and BFA isn't even bothering to take a look at that subject.  Sad.