Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ORP Calls Out Strickland on Wall Street Hyprocrisy

Chairman DeWine is holding a press conference up in Columbus today in which he calls out Gov. Ted Strickland for taking $1.5 million in Wall Street contributions, $25,000 from Lehman Brothers.

About time...

Strickland's continuous attacks do open him up for an examination of his record and who he "owes" favors.  While a few media outlets will cover the presser, they will most likely not get around to asking Strickland any hard questions about this (or any other subject eihter...).

The really sad thing is that with as bad as we have it in Ohio, why are we talking about this crap at all?  Jobs.  That is all that should matter in this campaign.  And so long as that remains true, Ted Strickland is in deep doodoo.

UPDATE: Senate President Bill Harris: "Strickland should look himself in mirror."

House Minority Leader Bill Batchelder says Strickland has done business with Wall Street companies he condemns.