Thursday, July 22, 2010

ORP on Team Strickland's Latest Lame Attack on Kasich

(Columbus) - Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine issued the following statement today regarding Gov. Ted Strickland's latest campaign attack:

"The governor should be careful about throwing stones from glass houses with these attacks. His own record will come back to haunt him.
Ted Strickland has no room to talk about credibility in this race. This is a governor who promised five years ago to turn around Ohio's economy and then lost 400,000 jobs. He promised he wouldn't raise taxes and then raised them by nearly a billion dollars. He said he wouldn't expand gambling and then expanded it. He promised to set a higher standard in state government but did nothing to hold even his own administration accountable for unethical conduct. He said he'd be a failed governor if he didn't fix school funding and then came up with a plan that was fiscally unsustainable. He swore an oath to balance the state budget and then managed to create an $8 billion deficit. The list goes on.
If Ohio's problems weren't so serious, the Strickland campaign's weekly antics would be comical. Every week, they go back to the lab to test out another lame attack on John Kasich, and every week it falls flat. They've spent millions of dollars now on a smear campaign that isn't working, and they apparently have yet to realize that the only credibility Ohioans are doubting in this election is Ted Strickland's."
The only way this statement could have been better is if after all of this, Kevin had something to say about John Kasich's plan for...just about anything really.  I really like the strength on display here; but as strong as it is, I am left wanting just a little something more.  
What I really like about the statment is the laundry list of broken promises from Ted Strickland.  We really need to hammer these things home whenever we get a chance.  When coupled with a statement about what Kasich could do for Ohio, this message only gets better.