Thursday, July 08, 2010

Racism Alive and Well in Our Schools

No, I am not talking about the students. I am talking about the administrators. From the Detroit News:
..A recent directive in the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools urges administrators to scan resumes for "cues" that applicants are from a minority racial group. Tip-offs can include job-seekers' residence, college attendance, fraternity or church membership and employment history.

Nearly a quarter of Plymouth-Canton's nearly 19,000 students are minorities, compared with less than 3 percent of its educational staff. District officials say they want to close that gap while hiring the most-qualified candidates.

OK, well, then....Since the population of the United States is 12%African American, fromt his day forward there can only be one black guy on each team in the NBA. Also, there will only be one black scholarship per basketball team, and we can apply this to football as well. What would the reaction to that be?

The answer to educating our children is not getting them a teacher who looks like them. The answer is in getting our children teachers who care about them and are willing to teach them the truth and solid principles, backed up by teacher organizations and administrators who care about the quality and content of the education, not who is giving it or how many of this color there are.

I mean, let's not just stop at skin color or ethnicity. Let's go on eye color. Or ideology. Or favorite sports teams. I don't want a fan of those damned steelers teaching my kids! Your teacher likes CSI: Miami over CSI: New York! Fire them! Give me a break. There was this crazy paperhanger who liked to go this deep into division, and bad things happened when people believed his shtick.