Friday, August 27, 2010

In Some States Residency Matters to GOP

Check out this bit of news out the Republic of Texas (Dallas Morning News):
State Republican Chairman Steve Munisteri says House Democratic leader Jim Dunnam "has actively deceived the voters" of Central Texas about where he lives. State GOP spokesman Bryan Preston goes further, saying Dunnam "has made himself ineligible" by living outside his district for the past eight years.

Dunnam, though, says Republicans are beating a dead horse. He says although he maintains two houses -- to keep kids in schools he says the GOP tried to rip his family from, in a remap after the 2000 census -- he has been and still is a legal candidate. And he insists he's more than happy to take the matter to the voters on Nov. 2.
The Ohio Republican candidate for Secretary of State (Ohio's highest election official) wasn't reached for comment...