Wednesday, August 11, 2010

OH-18 Poll is Good News

I'll provide some analysis after the pleasantries are out of the way...

Lakeville, OH - Bob Gibbs, candidate for Congress in Ohio's 18th Congressional district, today released the results of a poll done on August 4 and 5 by On Message, Inc, a polling firm specializing in Congressional races. The results show a deadlocked electorate giving Bob Gibbs and Congressman Space each 43% of the vote if the election were held today.

"This poll shows that voters were not fooled by the hundreds of thousands of dollars Congressman Space has already spent on false attack ads against me," said Gibbs. "The voters are very aware that unemployment has doubled under Zack Space's watch, and yet he still continues to vote for job-killing legislation like cap-and-trade, and over $1.4 trillion in new taxes on Ohio's families."

Key Points from the poll:

Q - Do you think Zack Space has earned another term as our U.S. Congressman?

Yes - 38%
No - 48%

Q - Do you think the country is headed in the right direction, or have we gotten off on the wrong track?

Right Direction - 20
Wrong Track - 72

Q - If the election for U.S. Congress were held today and the candidates were (rotate) Bob Gibbs, the Republican, Zack Space, the Democrat, or Lindsey Dean Sutton, the Constitutional Party candidate for whom would you vote?

Zack Space - 43%
Bob Gibbs - 43%
Lindsey Dean Sutton - 5%
Undecided - 10%

"I am going to keep working hard to spread the message that we all, Republicans and Democrats, need to focus on putting people back to work." said Gibbs of the current double-digit unemployment. "When Zack Space first took office, he said 'unemployment is not a problem in southeastern Ohio', and now we are saddled with a major unemployment problem. "Congressman Space has failed the workers of the 18th district, its time for him to go."
I think the summary from the polling company says it best:
This election is being driven by the same elements we are seeing across the country; concern over runaway spending, unchecked government and a stagnant economy with no improvement in sight. Only in the 18th these factors cut even harder against the Democrats. The voters are looking to send a clear message and place a check and balance to the Obama-Pelosi agenda. Bob Gibbs is likely to win this race even if he is significantly outspent. In fact, Gibbs is likely to win even if he is outspent two or three to one.
I still think there is a LOT of work to do in this district. They polled 400 people in a district that stretches quite a bit along the eastern side of the state, so I am not overly willing to put too much faith in these numbers because this has got to be one of the hardest districts in Ohio to get an accurate assessment. But, the news is pretty good. Space has been spending some of his cash and it realyl doesn't seem to be getting him anywhere. The Accidental Congressman shouldn't have gotten re-elected last time, but the Republicans put up the worst candidate possible -- not so this time.

The poll shows staggering numbers opposed to Cap and Trade, ObamaCare, and the stimulus bills -- all of which Space supported. If Team Gibbs can continue to hammer these points home, I see no reason why he should lose this race. I agree with the pollster, Gibbs should win this election even if outspent assuming the district really does feel this strongly about the issues.