Sunday, August 08, 2010

RINOvich Joins Democrats; Wants to Raise Your Taxes During Recession

What an idiot. (The Hill):
Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio), President Reagan’s budget chief David Stockman and former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan have each argued that extending the tax cuts — set to expire at year’s end — would increase the nation’s $13 trillion debt.

“It’s like tax reductions, you don’t need to pay for them? To me, that’s nonsense,” Voinovich said.
Listen up, Grandpa Simpson, when taxes are low the economy grows; conversely, when you raise taxes, the economy shrinks. This ain't rocket science, Crying Man.

Thank God this fool is retiring. Can't be over soon enough.

Hey Rob Portman! What do YOU think about raising our taxes during a recession?

Hey Ohio RINOvich Party, aren't you SO glad that you sold the naming rights to the headquarters? RINOvich stench now stains the ENTIRE state party...thanks a LOT.