Monday, August 16, 2010

Seth Morgan on School Funding

State Representative Seth Morgan (R-Huber Heights) made a statement referencing an Akron Beacon Journal editorial that was released on August 11.

While referencing Tuesday's defeat of the Norton City School District's bond issue, the editorial called the coexistence of both equally funded and equally available quality education a dream that had not yet been achieved, saying, "The results of the August 2 election show once again that the goal remains elusive."

Representative Morgan responded, "The governor's 'evidenced based model failed to meet the objective standard of evidence, failed to produce a plan that solved the question of equality and results, and has led to failing levies at the ballot box. Ohio's children are being held hostage by policies and politics that have prevented parents and teachers from making sound decisions based on real evidence."

Yet to be seen is whether or not the Ohio Evidence Based Model proposed by the governor will solve the education inequality dilemma. With schools depending largely on failing operating levies and the state budget dependent upon short-term federal stimulus dollars, the longevity of the governor's plan has been called into question.