Monday, August 30, 2010

Team Wilson on Pillach's OEC Complaint

Springfield Township, OH – Mike Wilson, Republican candidate for State Representative, has become aware of media reports that a complaint has been filed against him with the Ohio Elections Commission. The complaint involves a minor technical error concerning the Designation of Treasurer form. This error, which was self-reported to the Ohio Secretary of State, was subject to a similar OEC complaint during the primary and addressed in local media at that time.

In Ohio, the Designation of Treasurer form is filed to establish a campaign committee with the Ohio Secretary of State. The Wilson campaign originally completed the form in October of 2009 and sent to the Secretary of State via regular postal service. Having completed and submitted the form correctly, the primary campaign began fundraising in earnest. In December, a Hamilton County Board of Elections official noticed that they had not received a copy of the form and reached out to the Wilson campaign. The Wilson campaign responded by filing a provisional copy at the Board of Elections in late December. Unfortunately, the original form was lost by the US Postal Service or the Secretary of State’s office. In the intervening period, the strength and popular support for the Wilson campaign was demonstrated through the 208 donations received, more than many state representative campaigns receive the entire year.

After confirming the original form was not received by the Secretary of State, the Wilson campaign self-reported and considered the matter closed. Mike Wilson pointed out, “The Secretary of State’s office said they couldn’t remember the last time they had fined someone for a minor violation like this. I’m disappointed that Representative Pillich is resorting to the same old politics as usual that voters have rejected. This is an attempt by Pillich to change the subject away from her support of the failed Democrat policies that have led to massive job loss in Ohio.”

None of the 208 contributions are in any way illegal and none had to be returned or will have to be returned. The same complaint was filed against the Wilson campaign during this year’s primaries but was later dropped. The maximum potential fine for this violation is $100. The Wilson campaign has been in contact with the Secretary of State’s office and the Hamilton County BOE concerning this matter.
NOTE TO TEAM KASICH: This is why you get out in front of things like this. You can actually say that you aren't hiding something because it has already been an issue previously handled.

Mike Wilson is a stand up guy and I can't believe how desperate Connie Pillich is in trying to make this an issue.