Friday, September 03, 2010

Butler County GOP Update: This Ain't Right Edition

Looking around on Facebook at our opponents here in Butler County, I found this picture on George Stephen's photos...

Lee Wong (D? or RINO?), George Stephen (D), and Butch Hubble (D)

The caption on the photo says that it was taken at the FOP Hog Roast at Lodge#38 which sounds like a pretty open, non-partisan event; but I think it is not helpful for Republican officials to appear quite so chummy with our political enemies.

I've heard stories about Mr. Wong that color my impression of him as being part of the problem in Butler County.  We need genuine conservative Republican leadership.  What we don't need are "Republicans" who are overly friendly with Democrats.

What really yanks my chain about this is that the good people of the Butler County Republican Party's Central and Executive Committees are really good people who work really hard to bring us the best candidates we can get and here is a guy who is so opportunistic that he hams it up with every politician he can find regardless of affiliation or philosophy.

Make up your mind, Lee...are you a Republican or aren't you?