Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Mike DeWine's Half Truth

I just read the PolitiFact piece on Mike DeWine's claim about the fundraising in the Attorney General's race and have to conclude that Mike managed to take a good talking point and twist it in to a "half-truth." Don't take my word for it, PolitiFact lays it all out for you.

Cordray is receiving 60% of his donations from the various party operations, Big Labor, and law firms doing business with Cordray's office. That's a pretty big story, but Mikey just had to go that one step further and instead of saying the "majority" he had to say "almost exclusively" and THAT is a HALF TRUTH.

The FULL TRUTH is plenty damaging enough on its own, why did Mikey feel compelled to stretch the truth? Because that's what he does to score political points. That, and I think he is trying to compensate for lagging behind. let's not forget, this is the candidate who claimed he could "self fund" "if necessary"...

Mikey wasted a valuable talking point.