Friday, September 10, 2010

OH-09: Iott Statement on Kaptur Ad

Yesterday 28-year career politician Marcy Kaptur, in a desperate attempt to hold on to her seat in Congress, issued a blatantly false television advertisement attacking successful job creator Rich Iott. The Kaptur ad is riddled with falsehoods and the Iott Campaign is preparing to file a formal complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission.

By airing this egregious television ad, Marcy Kaptur has shown an utter disregard for the truth. Unfortunately, that's something that has become a pattern with the Congresswoman.
Rich Iott commented, "Marcy Kaptur blatantly lied in her first television ad. Apparently, she does not believe her record in Congress is worth talking about, so she has instead resorted to slinging mud and distorting the truth."

Rich Iott continued, "Kaptur's ad also reveals a how little understanding she has about how businesses are run. While Washington politicians like Kaptur desperately cling to their power, it's more and more evident that we need job creators in Congress. I understand what it takes to create jobs - something Kaptur knows nothing about."
The Iott campaign is releasing a new television ad to counter the blatantly false Kaptur commercial. The ad features Shari Nimigean, a 19- year employee of Food Town, dispelling the myths that Marcy Kaptur put forward. The ad will begin airing immediately and Ms. Nimigean will be available for comment at the request of the media.