Monday, September 13, 2010

ORP Hits Back at Strickland with Web Ad

(Columbus) - The Ohio Republican Party released a new web ad today targeting Gov. Ted Strickland's angry rant against Republicans last week.

"We're going to continue to make this an issue until the governor apologizes," said Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine. "Ted Strickland wants to pretend his comments were taken out of context, but the record speaks for itself. It's offensive and hypocritical that he's out there claiming to respect people who disagree with him at the same time he's attacking his political opponents as radical zealots who don't like America. This is the behavior of an angry, losing candidate, not a statesman."

At one campaign event, Strickland hypocritically claims to be respectful of people who disagree with him:
* "I try to be respectful of people, even if they disagree with me."

("Main Street Tour: Ted in Youngstown," Strickland Campaign Video, 7/27/10)
At another campaign event, Strickland angrily attacks Republicans who disagree with him:
* "The Republican Party has been overtaken by the zealots, by the extremists, by the radicals, by the reckless, and they don't seem to like Ohio very much, and, quite frankly, they act as if they don't like America very much.

(Remarks to AFL-CIO Labor Day Rally, 9/7/10)