Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ORP on Cuyahoga Culture of Corruption

(Columbus) - As Gov. Ted Strickland and top Democrats continued their tired and hypocritical campaign against Wall Street today, federal investigators arrested eight more people involved in a growing corruption scandal among Democratic officials in Cuyahoga County.

The arrests include County Commissioner and former Democratic Party chairman Jimmy Dimora and Judge Steven Terry, a Strickland appointee whose "integrity" the governor formerly praised.
When asked more than two years ago whether Dimora should resign, Strickland laughed and said he was "reserving judgment." The governor also refused to call for Dimora to step down as county Democratic Party chair, saying he "doesn't feel it's appropriate for him to ask Dimora to leave." (The Plain Dealer, 8/13/08)
"Ted Strickland has had plenty of opportunities to show leadership in Cuyahoga County, but he stayed silent," said Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine. "The governor is more obsessed with righteous indigation toward Wall Street than cleaning up the corruption in his own party on Main Street."
Dimora, along with former county auditor Frank Russo, who was arrested last week, contributed more than $50,000 to Strickland, Attorney General Richard Cordray and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.
The Ohio Republican Party released the following ad more than a year ago, exposing Gov. Strickland's failure to denounce corruption Cuyahoga County:

For the Record

Ted Strickland Said His Administration "Will Set a Higher Standard of Conduct."
* His own administration will set a higher standard of conduct, Mr. Strickland said, starting at the top and holding others accountable. (Toledo Blade, 9/1/06)

Ted Strickland Said He Would "Get Rid of the Corruption."
* "We're going to get rid of the corruption," Strickland said. "We're going to hold people accountable." (The Associated Press, 9/5/06)
Ted Strickland Said Ohio Was Suffering from a "Corruption Tax."
* Strickland said Ohio "is suffering from a corruption tax," promising to bring sweeping changes to the way public business is done in Columbus and elsewhere. (Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/17/06)
Ted Strickland Said He Would Not Let Ohioans Down in Fighting Corruption.
* He added that "11.3 million Ohioans depend on us [to fight corruption], and we're not going to let them down." (The Athens News, 10/30/06)
Ted Strickland Promised to End Corrupt Government.
* Ohioans want their next governor to be "someone who avoids the corrupt pay to play leadership" that has plagued the state, Strickland said. (The Associated Press, 9/5/06)