Wednesday, September 08, 2010

ORP: "What Have You Done to Ohio, Mr. President?"


Ohio has lost more than 110,000 jobs since Obama's first visit

(Columbus) - Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine welcomed President Barack Obama back to the Buckeye State today, reminding Ohioans that the president's repeated visits have done nothing to improve the state's economy.
"Every time President Obama comes to Ohio we get more promises of recovery and nothing to show for it," DeWine said. "I welcome him back any time because he's only reminding voters of the wasteful spending and reckless policies that have failed to create jobs."
Since Barack Obama's first visit to Ohio as president in March of 2009:
* Ohio's unemployment rate has risen more than a full point.

* Ohio has lost 110,400 jobs, with 614,000 Ohioans currently unemployed.

* His approval ratings have dropped 21 points, while his disapproval ratings have increased by 26 percent.
Since Barack Obama signed the economic stimulus bill in February of 2009, Ohio's unemployment rate has risen nearly two points and reached its highest level in a quarter century. Despite the failure of President Obama's stimulus plan to turn around Ohio's economy, Gov. Ted Strickland told CNN on Tuesday he wishes it had been bigger:
"I had hoped the stimulus would be larger than it was, quite frankly. I argued for that." (Ted Strickland, Interview with John King, CNN, 9/7/10)
"I just hope the president keeps visiting Ohio to promote his failed policies, and I hope the governor keeps begging for a handout," said DeWine. "Every time they do, Ohioans get a good reminder to take action at the ballot box in November."