Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Rasmussen's latest poll has Rob Portman getting the highest level of support he has received to date in this race.  The shift in momentum caused another reclassification of the race back to Leans GOP.  The race stands at 49-41 Portman, and that is a well deserved push in the right direction. 

Many of us still would like to hear more from Portman on what other issues (Hey, Rob, you got us on the economy and jobs, what else ya got?) that would indicate what kind of Senator we would be getting.  We still have not heard what sort of judicial philosphy Portman has (Would Rob have voted to confirm Kagan and/or Sotomayor) or his thoughts on energy (All of the Above?) let alone thorny issues like illegal immigration.

So far, the "Let's Cost on 'Til E-Day" strategy is working, but I can only imagine what sort of blowout this race could be...

UPDATE:  The key piece that this poll sheds light on is the "independent" vote:
Portman is backed by 89% of Ohio Republicans, while Fisher draws support from 77% of the state's Democrats. Portman holds a 19-point advantage among voters not affiliated with either major political party.
Game over.