Monday, September 13, 2010

What You Are Reading

Blogger recently added some statistics/analytics to the back end of WMD and I am finding the data to be most interesting.  Since May of this year, this post from 2006 on whether or not Ken Blackwell would have made a good governor has the most page views.

The post is an interesting one not because of what I say about Blackwell, but rather what I predicted of Strickland:
Strickland would not be better for Ohio. After years of Taft's disastrous policies, our economy can not afford yet another tax and spend liberal. In the last two years, Ohio has gone from 47th to 49th in business climate. Strickland has no executive experience with which to lead. He has no viable plan for turning the state around.

Strickland seems to think that the great citizens of Ohio hold "backward" values. He failed to protect potential victims of pedophilia in 1999 when he didn't condemn a study that declared that relationships between adults and children were not damaging for the child. Not only did he fail to get the vote right; fifteen days later, Strickland angrily addressed Congress and castigated that body for having taken the right action. Even Dennis Kucinich and Nancy Pelosi got that one right...

It really is a question of judgement...
I think we are about to find out whether or not the voters in our Great State are experiencing buyer's remorse in regards to Strickland and his failed policies.