Friday, October 08, 2010

Bill Sloat is a Tool

Seriously, Bill, this post is absurd.

It is absolutely no wonder why good people don't get involved in politics.  Ridiculous crap like the excrement you posted is just one reason.  No, Bill, it is not hypocrisy to work in Ohio for a company owned by Brits and that company has contracts with the National Health Service while opposing socialized medicine.  If that was your point, that is just childish and I expect a heckuva lot more from a professional journalist who has retired to the blogs.

If we play by Sloat's rules, anybody who opposed Third Frontier should quit their jobs if the company they work for received Third Frontier funding.  Bill Sloat used to work for a newspaper, has that paper ever endorsed a Republican?  I'm sure they have.  Was Bill Sloat a hypocrite for having worked for said paper?

Complete nonsense from top to bottom.  Really, Bill, you are better than this...

Is it just me or is (might be "are" instead of "is" -- I fired WMD's Grammar Nazi...) all the stupid people out with the most frivolous and irrelevant rubbish they can find during this election cycle?  Or am I just getting too old for this crap?

UPDATE:  Did I read that right?  Sloat is on about Wilson's boss's boss's boss having the same title with ANOTHER company...not even the same company that Wilson works for...  You have GOT to be kidding me.

So, under Sloat's Rules for Whether or Not YOU Can Run for the Ohio House of Representatives, it is now imperative that YOU, John Q. Citizen, MUST have thoroughly researched not just the company that you work for but EVERYONE who is currently or formerly employed by that company or has done any sort of business with that company.

You, sir, have gone too far.

UPDATE 2:  Our Visual daily Double!

UPDATE 3: See Bill's Update 2! Yes, Bill, I am (mostly) just jerking your chain, but you knew that. And thank you for the kind words on the blog's name!