Friday, October 08, 2010

BUTLER COUNTY COMMISSION: Demonstrating Experience vs. Talking About Experience

I note this Mikey Pitman piece about the upcoming "discussion" with GOP candidate Cindy Carpenter and Democrat Also Ran Butch Hubble because I see a pattern emerging.  Let's see if my headline and this clip leads you to the same conclusion:

Hubble said potential voters he has spoken with view Carpenter as representing the organization that “has caused us to be in this hole.”

“She’s trying for a position I feel I’m better qualified at,” said Hubble, who unsuccessfully ran against County Commissioner Chuck Furmon in 2008. “She’s being sponsored by the people who’ve gotten in this hole in the first place.”

Carpenter, however, believes her experience in county government gives her a leg up over Hubble.
“I think I’ll be able to hit the ground running,” she said. “I have been studying and working with the people, departments and agencies, and talking with them about the problems they’ve been having and talking about solutions.”

“I think I have an advantage about knowing the players, knowing the system understanding the budget,” she said. “It’s complicated and every agency and every department is important.”
Hubble said he believes the county residents are set to separate from “the one-party system” and “the good old boy routine.”

“I want people to walk away from this roundtable to compare her qualifications to mine,” he said.
Near as I can tell, the only "experience" Butch Hubble has is losing elections.  Cindy Carpenter is many things, but unqualified and inexperienced aren't among them...