Wednesday, October 06, 2010

OH-08: "Local" Media is Helping Democrat

Don't take my word for it, listen to Justin Coussoule (who?) tell liberal blowhard Ed Shultz that the local media is helping him.  Better yet, do it from the local media's blog by clicking here.  Earlier that same day, liberal Democrat journalist (but I repeat myself) Mikey Pitman, was out there pimping his boy's appearance on the show.

I wouldn't mind this so much if these same people would just admit their bias but they are so busy tripping over themselves being self-righteous and "objective" that they just can't help themselves.  No wonder local media is dying, you can't trust them to be honest brokers.

Pitman is so excited about some poll that he thinks is going to show that this Also Ran is beating Boehner but that is a fairy tale that any legitimately objective journalist would have mentioned in his coverage.  The only poll that really matters is the one taken on Election Day.