Friday, October 15, 2010

OHD-28: OEC Calls for Investigation On Dirty Democrat Ad

COLUMBUS–The Ohio Elections Commission has ruled unanimously in a lawsuit filed against the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP), which was in response to a campaign mailer slandering House candidate Mike Wilson. Specifically, the mailers falsely claim that Wilson wants to cut funding for police and safety forces.

The elections complaint was filed by military veteran Chris Hammond, who contested numerous slanderous statements by the ODP. The suit states that House Bill 400, the bill in question, does not provide which programs would be streamlined if the income tax is phased out. The bipartisan probable cause panel voted 3-0 that there was reason to believe that the ODP had lied in this statement about Mike Wilson.

Additionally, the Ohio Elections Commission yesterday ruled unanimously that there is probable cause to believe that the Ohio House Democratic Caucus made false accusations in a televised campaign ad slandering Wilson. Specifically, the television ad claims that Wilson wants to cut programs that assist military veterans.

“The reason why Connie Pillich and her supporters are airing these false ads is that they are trying to misdirect from their own poor record,” said Wilson. “Connie Pillich voted to raise taxes on all Ohioans including our veterans, our seniors and our families. Additionally, she cut state funding to our schools. Based on that track record, I can assure veterans, seniors and families that they will get better treatment from me than they got from Pillich.”

The Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee called for an end to the false attacks from Democrats.

“The desperate claims against Mike Wilson are ludicrous, and Connie Pillich and her supporters should cease and desist any further airing of such attacks,” said Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee director Mike Dittoe. “Mike Wilson has long been an advocate of our state’s first responders like police and firefighters. This desperate attempt to once again skew House Bill 400 is the same, tired scheme from the tired Democratic playbook.”

The Ohio Elections Commission will now have a full hearing on the issue at a later date. If an ad is found in violation of state law, the Ohio Elections Committee can refer the matter for criminal prosecution or assess other penalties.
I saw that ridiculous ad on Fox19 again this morning.  Still ticks me off that these people are lying like this, but that's what Democrats do...

UPDATE:  Exit Question: Will the Enquirer (or any other 527 Media outlet in this state for that matter)EVER report on Connie Pillich's lies???