Monday, October 11, 2010

Roger Reynolds: Integrity in Public Service

One of the questions I get a lot deals with the qualities voters should be looking for in a candidate.  The guy I use as a measuring stick is Roger Reynolds.  As our Auditor in Butler County, Reynolds has delivered on the promises he made when he campaigned for the position.  Roger is committed to the 3 R's: Reducing Spending, Reforming Government, and Returning Tax Savings. 

Reduced Spending

Roger told us that he would reduce the spending and he has.  Roger has cut the budget by over $2 million and slashed spending by 35%.  And he isn't done yet!  He is committed to fiscal responsibility and is dedicated to making sure that every dollar spent is used wisely.

Reformed Government

One of the areas that Roger is leading in is transparency.  Coming in to an office to clean up the mess of a scandal-plagued predecessor, one of the things that Reynolds did to demonstrate the integrity of the office was develop an online database of expenditures.  For the first time, county records were placed on the internet for citizens to be able to review.

By strengthening internal controls, Reynolds has restored integrity to the way the county does business. Twice the office has won the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Reporting which illustrates the level of professionalism and dedication that Roger's team has to the perfromance of their duties.  That is real leadership!

Returned Tax Savings

After reviewing the numbers, Roger was able to return over a million dollars to communities in Butler County.  He discovered and eliminated an illegal tax assessment and levy.  Reynolds also donated an underutilized official vehicle to the Dog Warden.

Roger Reynolds

Roger has participated in Town Halls so that he may hear concerns -- directly from constituents.  He has made doing business with Butler County more efficient by encouraging usage of electronic payments.  Customer service has improved considerably too.

There is a quote on Roger's campaign site that perfectly sums up who Roger is and what he is trying to accomplish: "I’m working diligently to save tax dollars, maximize services and build public trust.” He has kept his word and he deserves re-election.  He has earned my respect AND my vote.