Monday, October 25, 2010

Team Strickland Lies Again: This Time It's About Guns

Columbus – Today charges were filed with the Ohio Election Commission accusing Ted Strickland’s campaign of deliberately and knowingly lying about John Kasich’s record in support of gun owners’ rights and the Second Amendment. The charges were filed by Rep. Danny Bubp (R-West Union), a life member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) with an A+ rating who was endorsed by the NRA in this year’s election.

Specifically, the charges accuse the Strickland campaign of falsely stating that John Kasich has an “F” rating by the NRA when, in fact, he has a “B” rating.
Rep. Bubp issued the following statement:
“John Kasich is the most long-suffering man I know because he’s risen above more smears and attacks during this campaign than probably anybody in recent political history. I shared my frustration with him last week over the Strickland campaign’s lies about his gun record so when the campaign asked me to file this complaint on its behalf I did not hesitate.
“I’m a proud NRA member which is why I am outraged that Ted Strickland is lying about John Kasich’s NRA rating. The NRA’s ratings are deliberate and thorough and Ted Strickland does not have the authority to simply try to rewrite them to try to make himself look better. It not only amounts to an illegal act, but I believe it’s a slap in the face of the NRA and of gun owners. It’s time for Ted Strickland to be held accountable.
"John Kasich likes to say that he’s probably agreed with the NRA more than his wife. He’s a gun owner with a solid B rating and that’s nothing to sneeze at. John Kasich is a gun owner who understands the power and importance of the Second Amendment and who shares the same passion for it that I do. On top of that, he put his beliefs in action and selected a running mate with a strong "A" NRA rating—Mary Taylor. If Ted Strickland supports the Second Amendment so much why does he keep picking running mates who are avowed enemies of the Second Amendment? His current Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher was a member of the board of directors of Handgun Control, Inc. and his current running mate, Yvette McGee-Brown, has an “F” rating from the NRA.”
On Friday, October 22, in an email to reporters, Ted Strickland’s campaign urged reporters to attend Strickland’s schedule of public events on Sat., Oct. 23 by sending them an email that read:
“Strickland will contrast his record of creating jobs and protecting the rights of sportsmen and gun owners with Congressman John Kasich's record of supporting outsourcing and his 'F' rating from the National Rifle Association.”

John Kasich has a “B” rating from the National Rifle Association, which can be seen on the NRA’s website below and here:

If, upon reviewing the complaint, the Ohio Elections Commission decides that there is probable cause that the Strickland campaign has committed a crime, the Strickland campaign will be put on trial before the commission.

A copy of the complaint can be viewed here.