Monday, October 11, 2010

Team Wilson Fights Back Against the Lies from Team Pillich

Columbus, OHOctober 11th, 2010: Former Sgt. Chris Hammond, USMC, filed two complaints with the Ohio Elections Commission alleging false statements on the part of the Ohio House Democratic Caucus, the House Democratic Caucus Fund and the Ohio Democratic Party. The complaints relate to a television ad that falsely attacks Mike Wilson’s positions on veterans’ benefits, as well as mail pieces that falsely assert that Mike Wilson has a plan that will force the layoff of thousands of police, firefighters and teachers.

According to Sgt. Hammond, “I filed these complaints because I know Mike Wilson to be a strong supporter of our military and our veterans and I believe these ads to be false. It is very disappointing that Representative Pillich’s Democrat allies would deliberately distort the truth in such a blatant way.” Sgt. Hammond continued, “As a fellow veteran, I know that Representative Pillich understands the value the military places on truth and honor. Connie Pillich dishonors her own service when she exploits other veterans to distort the truth on her behalf.”

Veterans across the region are outraged by the television ad which has appeared frequently on local stations. The ad contains a series of veterans attacking Wilson and questioning, “Why won’t Mike Wilson honor veterans?” The ads cite Wilson’s support for H.B. 400, a plan to reform Ohio’s tax code by phasing out Ohio’s income tax over 10 years.

“H.B. 400 does not implement any spending cuts and only schedules income tax rates to decline over a 10-year period,” pointed out Mike Wilson, Republican candidate for State Representative. “This plan is quite similar to one implemented successfully in Indiana by Governor Mitch Daniels. It has made Indiana more competitive for business and jobs. I have no plans to cut veterans’ benefit and this change, if implemented, will help provide the best benefits we can provide to our veterans – a robust economy and a steady job.”

In contrast, Representative Pillich voted for $2.1 billion in increased taxes and fees contained in H.B. 1 and H.B. 318. “I’m sure the Democrats would love to talk about anything but the increased taxes they voted for and the 400,000 jobs that have left Ohio since 2006,” said Wilson.
Wilson’s campaign is chaired by Major Brad Wenstrup, an Iraqi War veteran and former candidate for Cincinnati Mayor. Wilson’s campaign manager, Maggi Cook, is the daughter of a World War II veteran, and lost a brother in Vietnam in 1968. Her son, Sgt. Robert Cook currently serves with the 101st in Afghanistan. His younger half-brother, Sgt. Joe Cook, lost his leg in an IED attack in 2007. “I am honored to have the support of so many veterans. I am proud that they are standing up on my behalf to fight the smears. This is the kind of politics we are working to change,” declared Wilson.

About Sgt. Chris Hammond: Hammond joined the Marine Corps at age 17 and received basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina in 1994. During this grueling test, Chris learned what true honor, integrity, courage, and commitment were and how to serve others more than oneself. Chris graduated basic training with honors as his Series Highest Marksman and subsequently received 4 awards of Rifle Expert.

Chris was also honored to make the rank of Sergeant (E5) in just over 4 years. Throughout his 2 tours overseas in Okinawa, mainland Japan, and South Korea, Chris earned 2 Sea Service Deployment Ribbons with a bronze Star designation, 2 Medals of Good Conduct, 1 National Defense Service Medal, 2 Meritorious Masts and 2 Letters of Commendation and completed 8 years of honorable service.

Chris is the proud father of 2 daughters. His wife Brenda (Larson) Hammond, is a daughter of the American Revolution through the Chenoweth family bloodline in southern Ohio during the Indian raids and massacre along the Ohio River Valley in 1789. Chris and his family reside in Blue Ash, OH.
Also, here is a letter read in to the record of the last Reading Council meeting:

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