Thursday, November 18, 2010

BUTLER COUNTY: Another "Expert" Says Raise Taxes

Well, we've heard from yet another expert who says we should raise taxes here in Butler County.  RUBBISH!  Mike Pitman's story includes two other recommendations from the so-called "expert":
One would be a “credit option” where departments that have had significant percentage cuts since 2008 would not be required to make significant budget cuts. The other is an across the board 8.8 percent cut.
That last one is the right move.  If nobody has the "stones" to step up and do what is right and tell Sheriff "Spotlight" Jones that we're still in a recession then everybody is going to have to take the hit...again.

Oh, and Mr. Pitman...feel free to ask Sheriff Spotlight what he would cut if he actually had to make the decisions.  Of course, I encourage Sheriff Spotlight to put on the Big Boy pants himself and run for County Commissioner if he thinks he knows best...

Tax hikes are NOT the answer.  I hope that incoming Commissioner Cindy Carpenter remembers that...  Moreimportantly, I hope she realizes that the is going to have to make the toughest of decisions and the outcome will effect the entire region.

SIDEBAR: By the way, that "credit option" is garbage too.  What that would do is put the county deeper in to debt by kicking the can down the road.  Congress has been doing that for decades, how's that working out for us?