Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Commissioner: Cindy Carpenter wins. Very happy to see that this seat stays in Republican hands.  While I still have my reservations about Carpenter, I think she will do a good job.  She earned the win.

Auditor: Roger Reynolds destroys the competition.  WMD is proud to support Roger.  He knows what the problem is:
“We got to get ourselves back in check here in Butler County,” he said. “We got to do more with less. The taxpayers in Butler County are taxed out.”
Roger Reynolds for Commissioner!
Ohio House: Derickson, Combs, and Coley all win.  Engel was surprised about those FAKE Tea Party ads.  No surprises here.  Tim, Corky, and Bill all do a fantastic job representing us in Columbus.

Juvenile Judge: Strickland's appointee survives.  The Democrats got one office in the county last night.  Don't get cocky GOP, it always starts somewhere.  Maybe next time they will run her for Commissioner...

Staff Reporterette Shows Her Bias: I guess Mikey was too busy to write these stories himself, but the obvious liberal bias of Cox Newspapers was on display again.  Check out this from that article on Combs:
Paul Cook, a Butler County employee, calls himself a reformed republican but he voted for Bruce Carter (D) this year.

“The republicans have been taken over by radicals,” Cook said. “I voted for more democrats this year than republicans.”

Cook said republicans haven’t been representing mainstream middle class as well as in previous years.
This was not -- in ANY way -- germane to the story.  It was included because the reporter and her editors are sore pathetic loser liberals.  This bit in the Coley piece is more of the same:
Hamilton resident Theresa Allen voted in favor of Rubin, “I vote everything democrat across the board,” she said.
That added absolutely NOTHING to the piece.  Was this reportette paid by the word?  Was there a minimum threshold of words required in order for her to be paid?  Or is this just more bias?

Absolutely pathetic.

Butler County Board of Elections: Fine job.  Well done.  And we thank you...