Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New GOP Majority in US House Ought to Be Wary of Investigations

I always thought that the Republicans overplayed their hand in the Clinton impeachment.  Not that I think Bubba should have gotten a pass, but there was an element of revenge on display back then that I think was an element that contributed to the eventual downfall of the House Republicans.  It is a lesson that I hope we don't have to learn again.

There are two polls from Rasmussen that I think back me up on why Republicans ought to tread lightly in the investigation waters.  The first poll indicates that the electorate is quite divided on the subject and what that tells me is that if Republicans charge ahead with reckles abandon, non-affiliated "independents" will side with the administration much as they did with Clinton.  The second poll shows that the Republicans in DC have a lot of ground to make up with their own rank and file electorate.  My take on that is that the Republicans ought to clean their own glass house before throwing stones at the administration.

Don't misunderstand me, I favor investigations of wrongdoing.  Let justice be done.  But we should be wary of political witch hunting and revenge plots as they will be our undoing.  Again.