Monday, November 01, 2010

Rasmussen's Ohio Polling Update

Rasmussen: Kasich 48 - Strickland 44

Rasmussen: Portman 57 - Fisher 33

These two polls are the ones that Mark was called for... And the results are about as I expected. I think Republicans for Strickland are about to be disappointed by their hero as any incumbent that can't make it to 50 this close is in dire trouble. Of course, anything can happen...this one is close enough, they could probably cheat.

They won't be able to cheat in the Senate race. Portman has run a fantastic political campaign and deserves to take the win. While I might have wished to hear more from Rob on what sort of Senator he would be, he clearly has done the work needed to win statewide. Plus, he was able to spread the wealth from his campaign war chest for down-ticket races as well. All around a pretty solid effort by Team Portman.