Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rep. Jean Schmidt on TSA Enhanced Screening and Pat-Downs

Kudos to Congresswoman Jean Schmidt for being the first member of the Ohio delegation to respond to my emails about the TSA sexual assaults.  Here is her response:
“I am concerned with the new TSA regulations for enhanced screening and “pat-downs”.  TSA is not doing a good job of balancing critical security needs with peoples’ right to privacy. I expect the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to look deeper into this issue in the coming weeks and in the New Year.  We must be vigilant and make sure we are taking every reasonable step to ensure safety; however, TSA also needs to consider the concerns of law-abiding citizens.  Other international airlines and nations use less invasive, enhanced security practices that have been successful.  TSA should seriously consider these methods as we seek to strike the right balance.”