Thursday, November 18, 2010

Senate Dems Endangering Children in Haiti for DREAM Amnesty

In other words, like Saddam and the terrorists, the Democrats are going to use poor children as human shields to get this shamnesty passed:
According to a letter written by Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.), House Democratic Leadership is thinking of attaching the DREAM Act Amnesty bill to an immigration-related bill he introduced. The Help HAITI Act would allow the Department of Homeland Security to offer permanent residency to orphaned children who came to the United States after the devastating earthquake earlier this year.

Rep. Fortenberry has earned an A-grade from NumbersUSA and is a cosponsor of four of our 5-Great Immigration Bills offered this Congress.

“I’m at a total loss. This is about helping the children in the wake of the earthquake,” Rep. Fortenberry wrote.

“After these families have opened their hearts and homes to some of the world’s most vulnerable children, this security is the least we can give them. The House of Representatives should affirm this by passing the Help HAITI Act, free of unrelated, controversial measures.”

According to Congressional Quarterly, a Capitol Hill publication, even though Rep. Fortenberry didn’t mention the DREAM Act in his letter, one of his aides said that was the controversial bill his letter referred to.

I thought Democrats were for helping people, not using them as human shields and political cover. Oh wait, this is reality, as opposed to the mainstream media smoke and mirrors. My bad. Here is a list of Dimocrap Senators who might be on the fence:
SEN. JIM WEBB OF VIRGINIA 202-224-4024; 703-573-7090. Staff says “he hasn’t made a public statement.”

SEN. KENT CONRAD OF NORTH DAKOTA 202-224-2043; 701-258-4648. Staff says “he hasn’t released a statement.” Conrad has voted against the DREAM Act in the past.

SEN. BYRON DORGAN OF NORTH DAKOTA 202 224-2551. He voted against the DREAM Act in the past. Staff says he “hasn’t taken a public position.”

SEN. MARK PRYOR OF ARKANSAS 202-224-2353; 501-324-6336. He voted no on the DREAM Act cloture vote in September. Staff says he is “likely” to vote no again, though he hasn’t made an official public statement yet.

SEN. JON TESTER OF MONTANA 202 224-2644. Staff says he has voted against the DREAM Act in the past and “he will probably vote against any bill that has amnesty in it.”

SEN. MAX BAUCUS OF MONTANA 202-224-2651. He has opposed the DREAM Act in the past and is a “likely no” again in this session.

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL OF MISSOURI 202-224-6154. She opposed the DREAM Act in the past and staff says she has made no statement changing her position otherwise.

Melt those phonelines, people! Don't let this stand.
(h/t Michelle Malkin)