Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sheriff Jones: Raising YOUR Taxes During Recession is "Fair Way"

Sheriff "Spotlight" Jones is quoted as saying raising taxes is the "fair way to raise revenue" in this Michael Pitman piece.
Jones said Tuesday the sales tax “is a fair way” to raise revenue.
I sure hope that somebody with a law enforcement background is encouraged to run against this clown in the primary at the first available opportunity because this is the sort of nonsense that this county doesn't need.

Don't get me wrong, I think that there is plenty of blame to spread around, but Sheriff Jones has been nothing but an obstacle towards arriving at "fair" solutions throughout this entire financial crisis.

Personally, I think Commission should have kept a "rainy day fund" for usage when times weren't great linke they are right now, but if you take a look at where the bulk of the money this county has been spent, you'll find yourself looking at...wait for it...Sheriff Jones.

Counties in financial trouble don't fund a navy, air force, and horse cavalry. They don't pay property appraisers lavishly. And they don't have sheriffs who whine to the media every time he's asked to tighten his belt after every other county agency has done so.

Commission has served Sheriff Jones like the yes men that they are for FAR too long. Commissioners, Sheriff Jones is supposed to work for YOU, not the other way around.

Also notice, again, that the woman from the Tea Party is the only voice of reason. We have been taxed enough already. Taking more of our hard-earned money for more government failure is not going to bring us out of the trouble we are in no matter how many times Sheriff Jones says that it will.