Monday, November 01, 2010

Ted's Former Head of ODOT and Advocate of Garage Majal, defends Teddy

OK, this guy is a total clown and a political hack. I am not going to print out the whole letter, because it is fluff. However, Jim Beasley, a fellow resident of Brown County, tries to take me to task for citing....facts, with like sources that are reputable, in my editorial a few weeks back:
During this election we have seen a lot of statistics cited about the state's economy. Both sides are able to give statistics to make their point, per the old adage: you can make statistics say whatever you want. But they miss addressing the most important issues like how did we get into this economic recession and who is working to improve our daily lives?

This economic crisis is not a state crisis, it is a national crisis created at the national level. Ohio will only fully recover when the nation recovers. Because of Strickland's leadership, Ohio's economy has not experienced as severe a recession as it would have without him.

Yeah, a net loss of 150,000 jobs is great leadership. And, Mr. Beasley, sir, if the reason why we are suffering is all Bush, then why are other states with lower tax burdens on businesses and better climates for business actually doing better even in the recession?

Of course, Mr. Beasley enjoys spending other people's money:
I had the privilege of serving on the Governor's cabinet as the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation.
He also is the former Brown County Engineer who helped advocate and lobby for the boondoggle of the Engineer's palace, also known as the Garage Majal, on Rt. 68, where it is essentially a garage that looks like a castle. He also has inappropriately allowed homes to be built in floodplains during his tenure as county engineer, even in zoned areas. He turned blind eyes to this type of building, and there are court records to prove it. Should we trust this crony and clown of Ted Strickland who has "known him for 30 years?" I don't think so.

Here is what others have said about this genius, Beasley:
Previous ODOT Director James Beasley was lacking to say the least. Mr Beasley was previously a County Engineer in Southern Brown County. He had no Interstate Highways, no deepwater ports, and was not responsible for any rail service in his county. The whole county on the State Highway System, for which he was not responsible,may have 50 miles of four lane roadway. Mr. Beasley received a political favor appointment and at the end of three years when his average salary reached peak criteria for retiremnt he stepped aside.

The article commented on calls ODOT a den of Toxic Waste. Yep, we want to listen to the guy who was in charge of that. NOT!