Monday, November 08, 2010

Top Ten Biggest Losers in Ohio 2010

10. Residency -- People who think that politicians ought to actually live in districts that they represent lose because Jon Husted wins again.  (Yes, the SOS is not an office with residency requirements; but that doesn't change the fact that Husted did not actually live in the district he supposedly represented while he was Speaker of the Failed Ohio House and in the Ohio Seriously Let's Retroactively Tax Ohioans Senate.  Nope.  Not letting that go...Husted has still managed not to adequately address the issue in a satisfactory manner.)

9. The Legacy of the DeRINO Political Crime Family -- While the Chairman may have been able to clear the field for the Senator, Dave Yost still scored more votes in the General Election leaving conservatives all over this state wondering if maybe Yost could have beaten Cordray after all.  (AND we could have had Seth Morgan as Auditor of State.)  The Legacy has been seriously tarnished.  Now, somebody needs to find a wooden stake to drive home and finish this one off once and for all.

8. Tom Ganley and Rich Iott -- Tom crashed and burned.  I suspect that the sex scandal business was trumped up nonsense, but Ganley hoisted the white flag like he was a Frenchie...  Rich failed to learn that no matter what the circumstances, Republicans can NEVER be photographed wearing the uniform of the Nazis.  NEVER.

7. John Bocccieri, Zach Space, and Steve Driehaus -- Three Congresscritters are now unemployed.  None of these guys really represented their districts very well.  Being a Pelosi Lapdog was not popular with the Ohio electorate...who knew?

6. Slow-Speed Choo-Choo.  That bad boy is just about dead.

5. T-Shirt Ted "Jello Shot" Strickland -- An incumbent governor who tried to blame everything on Bush while accepting no blame for his failure to "Trun Around Ohio."

4. Chris Redfern -- What a &%$*#(! LOSER that guy is...  Every arrogant, smug @$$hole deserves get his butt kicked this hard.  Let that be a lesson to you aspiring political party chairmen out there...

3. Rich Cordray -- He couldn't have asked for a better opponent in Mike DeWine and he just lost whatever chance he had at the nomination for governor next time around.

2. Teacher's Unions -- They tried everything they could.  In Cincinnati, they even carted kids over for Ice Cream and Voting!


(drum roll)

1. Republicans for Strickland and I include the Buckeye Firearms Association and the National Rifle Association in this group because let's face it, they sure didn't help their cause in this election cycle.

ERRATA:  Go ahead and include Charlie "Wife Beater" Wilson to #7.  I knew I was forgettinga loser...

11/09/10 UPDATE: Honorable Mentions: Chief Justice Eric Brown and the Ohio House Democrats.  Brown got hit with the Velvet Hammer and the OHD just flat out got whupped.