Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Liberal Bloggers Think Fed Employee Pay Freeze is a Crime

...but they want "Tax Cheat Tim" Geithner and the Administration to regulate the pay of private workers at corporations? Why is that? I thought that lefties were all about the little guy, about the downtrodden, not about the richest of federal employees. Don Surber has the details, and this salient point about who Lefty Bloggers really care about:
They do not like the freeze. They do not say why. They simply want federal employees to get more money, more money and more money.

One reason is that lefty bloggers serve a federal employee audience. Wonkette showed the Statue of Liberty crying. Yes, liberty is all about continuing COLA raises for people who already receive double the average pay and fringe wages of the American worker. The American Left today is so Establishment that it is scary. The bomb throwers now teach at the universities. It should frighten us.

So they have a pecuniary interest in all this, either as federal workers themselves or as sellers of ads to the people who see federal workers as customers.

The other reason is anger at the November 2 election. They do not want to admit that Obamacare stank at the polls. Not Obama. Most Americans still like him and he polls above 40%. Americans just do not like the socialism in his policies.

So by smacking this idea down, lefties get to use Obama as the whipping boy for their policies. They cannot admit how awful Obamacare is — or what a colossal failure the stimulus is.

And, we are not talking about cutting pay. To wit:
They still get step increases. They still get plenty of holidays. They still get lifetime job security. And they still get fringe benefits to die for.

Fed employees still have it cushy compared to those in the private sector. However, that is not enough for lefties who hope to get federal jobs. They want more more more! Who are the selfish b@$t@#ds now?