Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ohio Senate GOP Strikes Again

I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering this same group selected Tom Niehaus to be their president.  You know, one of the guys to retroactively raise our income taxes during a recession.

This time, the chose State Representative Peggy Lehner to fill their ranks instead of Seth Morgan.  Peggy had a gig in the Ohio House.  Seth chose not to run again so that he could take a shot at running statewide.  Of course, Seth is more conservative and has Tea Party backing which are two things that the Ohio Senate Republicans abhor and revile.

So, no, I am not surprised they chose a fellow squish...in fact, I predicted it this weekend.  Mark and I had at a lunch this weekend with a former Congressman and a member of the State Board of Education and the topic came up and I said that Lehner had the seat in the bag.  She fits in there with the liberal Republicans and now that the Ohio House has true conservative leadership, she wouldn't want to stick it out there and the Senate would welcome her with open arms.

The Ohio Senate will continue to be a problem...