Wednesday, December 22, 2010

POTUS 2012: Rudy Wasn't Serious in 2008, not Serious Now

From someone associated with the campaign in 2008, over at Legal Insurrection:
Today there was an interesting article in the Hill about Rudy Giuliani being a possible "dark horse" in 2012. Apparently, "It’s not because Giuliani has shifted; it’s because the Republican Party has. The 2010 election was less about social conservatism than it was fiscal conservatism, and that aligns with Giuliani’s socially moderate and fiscally conservative ideology."

As someone who worked on that campaign in 2007-2008, my answer is an overwhelming NO.

OK, now why wouldn't Rudy be serious about running. The shift away from social issues seems to be playing to his strengths. Well, according to Legal Insurrection, Rudy may not have been very serious about winning even in 2008, and should not consider running now:
I was on the ground with the campaign in New Hampshire and throughout NY/NJ, it was virtually run by a group of "yes men" who never told Rudy that it was a bad idea to run down to Florida for several weeks at a time "campaigning." The election wasn't a total loss for Rudy, after all, he got higher speaking fees and I'm sure his wink towards a possible 2012 bid is exactly what will keep those engagements in demand. If he really wanted the presidency, and didn't bother vesting in the time in it during 2008 - when the "America's Mayor" image was ripe in the minds of millions, I doubt he would bother putting in the will in 2012.

Interesting points all around. I tend to agree with the blogger. As America chooses to forget 9/11, Rudy's excellent work that day and in the days that follow is not on the minds of Americans anymore. That is sad, but a reality.