Monday, December 13, 2010

The View on Boehner is Not Fair

The dogs at the View and Elizabeth Hasselbeck talked about incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner's emotional interview on 60 minutes and his propensity to cry when talking about his background. Barbara Walters, in this clip, joined by that idiotarian female canine Joy Behar (notice I didn't say in heat because Joy hasn't been in heat since Lincoln was splitting logs), makes fun of Boehner, saying he has "emotional problems" and is "weeper of the House." Heheheh, how droll! Not! These women are disgusting. John Boehner is emotional because unlike those disgusting, troll like, unattractive ungrateful gasbags on the View (excluding Hasselbeck) he is proud of his country and the blessings it has bestowed upon him, given his humble beginnings.

I mean, if crying is so bad, I want to see them rail on Oprah for crying so much, or on Kate Gosselin, or most of the cast of Dancing with the Stars over the years. This is a disgusting personal attack.

If any of the ungrateful, spiteful, shrivelled frigid gas bags on the View were actually appreciative or respectful of this country, they might realize their blessings and be a little emotional, too! It amazes me that any woman would lower herself to be included in this show's viewing audience. These women (Hasselbeck excepted) are nothing more than parodies of gossipping shelas who have nothing to offer save hateful spite spewing forth from the fact they are shallow and have no principled depth, or emotional core.