Monday, December 06, 2010

Why Does Michelle Obama Want to Kill the PTA?

I mean, doesn't she want parents to be involved with their kids? Doesn't she want schools to make extra money to buy books and programs and the like? Nope:
A child nutrition bill on its way to President Barack Obama — and championed by the first lady — gives the government power to limit school bake sales and other fundraisers that health advocates say sometimes replace wholesome meals in the lunchroom.

Republicans, notably Sarah Palin, and public school organizations decry the bill as an unnecessary intrusion on a common practice often used to raise money.

"This could be a real train wreck for school districts," Lucy Gettman of the National School Boards Association said Friday, a day after the House cleared the bill. "The federal government should not be in the business of regulating this kind of activity at the local level."

The legislation, part of first lady Michelle Obama's campaign to stem childhood obesity, provides more meals at school for needy kids, including dinner, and directs the Agriculture Department to write guidelines to make those meals healthier. The legislation would apply to all foods sold in schools during regular class hours, including in the cafeteria line, vending machines and at fundraisers.

Yes, we are going to make schools buy more expensive foods, make them serve more meals, and then we are going to have to hear more whining about how they can't make the budget. Talk about unfunded mandates. This type of nonsense is ridiculous. How about encouraging more involvement by parents, that they actually feed their children on their own and stop looking to government for every ding dang thing?!?!? What a novel concept! You see, this is because Michelle Obama is a crappy parent. She thinks her own children are fat( I don't think so). So, rather than be more responsible herself, she wants everyone to suffer for her poor parenting. Projection on a massive scale.