Wednesday, January 05, 2011

BUTLER COUNTY: Clerk Pens a BAD Idea

Allow me a moment to say that this was either ridiculous arrogant presumption or a complete lack of judgement. Either way, this shows that Jeff Wyrick may not be the best choice for the job.

I mean, we are supposed to take this seriously?
I was in no way shape or form trying to exploit it,” said Wyrick, who has all the duties and powers of the clerk of courts until a replacement is named. “It’s intended to be a services for the people at our counter.”
Here is a radical idea... How about, not have a name on the pens at all. If the service is what this was really about and all, then the name on the pen isn't as important as the title of the office.

These are the kinds of "mistakes" that our so-called leaders have been making all along. They are unforced errors. And these things do happen, but how people deal with them says a LOT about what kind of people they are... Based on the reporting I have seen on this so far, Wyrick doesn't look good.