Friday, January 14, 2011

BUTLER COUNTY: MetroParks NOT "Cheated" by Budget

So, Butler County Commissioners unanimously adopted a budget.  That's great.  And while the cuts in that budget are likely to hurt in the short term, it was the only reasonable and responsible thing to do.  I congratulate Chuck Furmon, Don Dixon, and Cindy Carpenter on doing the right thing and not kicking the can further down the road.

That said, I also have to take issue with this piece which quotes "resident" Lisa Wall saying that the commissioners "cheated" MetroParks.  MetroParks problem is the sole responsibility of their board of directors who apparently have been living under a rock in one of their closed parks and didn't realize that this county and this state is in a bit of fiscal bind.  By assuming that county funding would remain during a recession was foolish and lacking appropriate stewardship which is not the commissions fault at all.

If I read this right...
The county annually pays the parks district, which is not under county control, a stipend from the property transfer fees that would have been $400,200.
...the county is under absolutely no obligation to provide funding to MetroParks at all.  This is the sort of wacky thinking that leads to $4300 expenditures for 10 days worth of forms in the Clerk of Courts office.  Government, at all levels, has to tighten their belts and get back to the basics of providing essential services which are required and that is it.

We aren't out of this mess yet...