Monday, January 24, 2011

BUTLER COUNTY: Some People Have Got a LOT of Nerve

I noticed that one of my friends had become "friends" with a Mary Kay Rogers on Facebook and I wondered if it was the same Kay Rogers who took a plea deal in the Dynus Fisasco and sure enough it was...  Our former Auditor has this to say about the latest happenings here in Butler County government:
Read the article in the Cincinnati Enquirer today about Butler County? This is why our new Governor needs to push to rid us of county government the way it stands. We have 88 counties because of 200 years ago when horse and wagons were transportation! We need 4 districts in Ohio....not 88!
You gotta be kidding me!
That takes some serious stones to come out with a statement like that after what she did...

I have edited out some stuff from this screen grab to protect the innocent...

SIDEBAR:  I also note that Kay seems to be doing some accounting work again which I am not sure is wise or ethical...on the part of her clients, let alone her.  Is that even legal?