Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reagan v. Reagan: I Stand with Mike, Ron Jr. Got Facts Wrong

Well, to paraphrase the Great Communicator, "there you go again." Ron Reagan, Jr., indeed, has been a horrible keeper of the Reagan flame and has done almost everything in his power to embarrass his father. Even in death, Ron has to try to make his father to be a senile president, with accusations in his latest book, brought out this year to make money on his father's legacy since this would have been President Reagan's 100th birthday. Check out this video where the truth finally catches up to Ron and he realizes he got facts wrong, kind of like his entire life.

Ron makes charges about his father's last term and Reagan not being "with it." Gee, let's see: we had Soviet negotiations, we had Iran-Contra, we had all sorts of fires needing to be put out. On the day he "observed" his father, maybe President Reagan was tired. It is disgusting that Ron Jr. has made nothing of his life except being a caster of stones on the enduring legacy of Ronald W. Reagan, 40th President. Isn't it something that the son who has no Reagan DNA, Michael, is the most like his father. Says something about nature vs. nurture.