Monday, January 17, 2011

True Colors: Scott Brown

Scott Brown has shown more in common with an unthinking underwear model than a Tea Party Conservative as of late, and his latest idiotarian statements show that he will now go onto the RINO watchlist, rather than be cheered as a Tea party stalwart:
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown said this morning he’ll take part in the bipartisan seating at President Obama’s State of the Union address, urging that people need to move past the “itty-bitty letter” signifying he’s a Republican at the end of his name.

“I’ll sit where ever they put me. I don’t care,” Brown said at the Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast in Boston. “That’s the type of attitude we need to have not only in Washington but here in our local political system where people need to forget about the little itty-bitty letter behind my name and other people’s names and just kind of get going and get our jobs going and do what’s best for this state and this country.”

No, it is this type of compromising, mamby pamby pandering nonsense that got our country into so much trouble in the first place. Stand for something, Dolt!