Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Gov. Kasich Waives Weigh Station Inspections for Out-of-State Power Lne Repair Trucks

Gov. John Kasich
COLUMBUS – To help speed-up the restoration of electricity to Ohioans hard-hit by this week’s winter storm, Gov. John R. Kasich has directed the Department of Public Safety and Ohio Highway Patrol to waive weigh station inspections for power line repair trucks coming in from other states.

“Getting power restored as quickly as possible is a top priority. The utility companies are doing their part by bringing in extra crews from out-of-state so Ohio is doing its part to remove any government barriers to getting the power back on as quickly as possible,” said Kasich. “This is obviously just a temporary measure, but given the danger posed by down power lines and power outages, the benefits of getting crews in as quickly as possible was a priority.”
As of Wednesday morning, freezing rain and high winds had caused approximately 300,000 families to be without power most in north central and northeast Ohio, although this number was down from overnight and was improving throughout the day. In anticipation of the storm, utility companies were moving approximately 1,000 personnel into Ohio from other states to help get the electricity back on.