Thursday, February 17, 2011


I see that Governor Kasich is going to meet with the cop to apologize for calling him an idiot.  That's good.  A little civility, after all, is what the governor was talking about anyway.  The context of what the Kasich was speaking about was receiving a little courtesy from public servants.  All too often, people in public service forget who they actually work for...that is a mistake the governor himself made.

I do find it obnoxious that those who are using this minor gaffe as fodder to obfuscate the real issues of SB 5.  We have a real fiscal crisis in this state.  We elected John Kasich as governor because he is a real fiscal hawk.  We did not choose him because he is a nice guy.  The issue at hand is not whether or not John Kasich is an arrogant elitist or if some police officer is an idiot.  The real issue is that public employee unions have been fleecing taxpayers and have created an unsustainable pension system that has to be fixed.