Tuesday, March 08, 2011

AFP-OH on State of the State

COLUMBUS Americans for Prosperity Ohio State Director Rebecca Heimlich issued the following statement today about Governor Kasich's upcoming State of the State address.

"Ohio faces many challenges and opportunities in 2011.  I expect Governor Kasich to acknowledge that reality and to take a hard line on reforms necessary to get Ohio back on track to prosperity.  Governor Kasich has already pledged to solve Ohio's $8 billion budget hole without raising taxes, and Americans for Prosperity-Ohio commends the Governor for his leadership in making that pledge.

We have a great opportunity in 2011 to make Ohio more competitive and bring jobs back to the Buckeye State, but it is going to take major reforms like Senate Bill 5 to get it done.  Some of the other areas where Ohio must see reform include education, local government relief, human services innovation, sentencing, public pensions solvency, and ending Ohio's estate tax.  We have to get Ohio’s financial house in order.  Government in Ohio needs to shrink while becoming more efficient, effective, and accountable.

People used to come to Ohio for jobs and prosperity, but unfortunately in the last few years many people have been leaving Ohio to find jobs and prosperity.  The time to turn that around is now.  Ohioans must pull together and make sure we take the tough steps necessary this year to return prosperity to the Buckeye State."