Monday, March 21, 2011

BUTLER COUNTY: Doc Drop and Timeline of Clerk Title Fund Dispute

This hit the email box on Friday and I wanted to share as much of this information as I can so that the whole story is available for WMD readers.

1. Two articles in January with Roger
2. One article in February by Mary [I don't see an article "by" Mary anywhere... -- MATT]
3. Two articles by both in March - one in Enquirer one in Journal
4. Swain sends letter to GOP (attached) hits mailboxes Friday before Lincoln Day
5. Carpenter sends rebuttal letter (you already have) hits mailboxes monday or tuesday after Lincoln Day

1. Roger Reynolds begins the issue - January 19th - from Middletown but was in Hamilton Paper
2. State Auditor won't comment -  January 21st -

2. New clerk of court allegations - February 19th -

3. Butler Co. officials: As much as $1.4M misspent Cincinnati Enquirer -  March 8th

[4. Swain letter is attached below -- MATT]

5. Dispute goes to the county’s GOP members - March 15th -
The Carpenter Letter is here.  Related WMD commentary is here.  My emailer seems to think that Roger and Mary are "pushing" the story in the press, but I don't really see that in the coverage.

The Swain Letter:

Swain Letter