Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Gov. Kasich Applauds Passage of Senate Bill 5

Gov. John Kasich
COLUMBUS – Today Gov. John R. Kasich applauded the Ohio Senate’s passage of Senate Bill 5, legislation reforming collective bargaining rules for government employee unions, and issued this statement:
“I applaud President Niehaus, Senator Jones and Senator Bacon for their leadership, and I appreciate the courage and resolve members of the Senate have shown in working with me to get Ohio back on track.  This is a major step forward in correcting the imbalance between taxpayers and the government unions that work for them.  Our state, counties, cities and school districts need the flexibility to reduce their costs and better manage their workforces, and taxpayers deserve to be treated with more fairness.  Senate Bill 5 is just one piece of a larger plan to create a jobs-friendly climate in Ohio that is essential to returning prosperity to our state.”
Senate Bill 5 now moves to the Ohio House of Representatives for committee hearings.